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GH SmartShaper (2Pcs)


GH SmartShaper is the solution that allows you to add Input Shaping to 3D Cartesian printers in a simple and immediate way, avoiding the use of Klipper on external host cards such as RPI4. Just replace the X and Y axis drivers with the GH SmartShaper drivers, add some configuration commands to your g-code and you are ready to print with input shaping.


  • Supported Input Shaping Algorithm: MZV, ZVD, EI
  • No Klipper required
  • Input Shaping Algorithm Configurable via G-Code
  • Voltage/Current Mode Configurable via G-Code
  • Only for X and Y motors of Cartesian Printer (16 microsteps / 80 steps per mm)
  • Max feedrate 600 mm/s
  • TMC 2225-SA stepper motor controller & driver
  • Supply voltage 5.5-36V
  • Max continuous current 1.4A
  • Max peak current up to 2.5A for a short time
  • Default Vref 1.25 V, Default Irms 880 mA
  • Quiet operation with StealthChop
  • Energy saving with CoolStep
  • Configuration and extended diagnostic via UART
  • Control via Step&Dir interface
  • Board width 0.6″, board height 0.8″
  • 2×8 pin 0.1″ head rows for pins/connectors
  • Replacement for TMC2208


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